Trending T-Shirts Every Man Should Own!

Trending T-Shirts Every Man Should Own!

T-shirts not only serve as a timeless example of simple sartorial beauty that have rightfully earned a spot in our wardrobes. For fashion-conscious men, the options for casual t-shirts are endless. All you need is a wardrobe full of classic jeans and the combinations are infinite.     

Let’s dive deep into the ocean of different types of t-shirts for men and how you can style them.

Different Types Of Trending T-Shirts For Men

Although most men like traditional round neck or collar t-shirts, there is a wide array of men's t-shirts available in every imaginable color, fit, and style. So instead of just buying a basic one, it's time to consider adding a few statement pieces to your wardrobe.

Make a Style Statement With Neckline T-Shirts

Neck designs can vary based on its shape and style. Here are some common types that you likely are familiar with.

Crew neckCrew necks are a timeless wardrobe staple that can be paired with almost any outfit. Slim-fit blue jeans are a classic product that can be paired with crew-neck t-shirts. So why not combine these two essentials for a classic casual look?

Polo Neck – Sleek, suave, nonchalant polo t-shirts are hard to ignore. And yes, they are versatile!  Trust us. You can mix and match your formal pieces with a classic polo neck t-shirt to get a dressed down  look. You can also pair it with denims to give off a retro, 90’s feel that’ll up the suave appeal in no time.

Looking Stunning In Sleeves 

It’s the details (in this case - your sleeves) that make or break your outfit. Save yourself from any wardrobe mistakes, and try considering these sleeve t-shirts for your next outfit.

Raglan Sleeve or Full Sleeves  - On days that you feel like a “regular Joe”, try sporting a smart raglan sleeve tee to instill that supermodel spirit. Thanks to its long sleeves, this is the perfect fashion partner you have been looking for! Go for black, white, ash gray, and navy-blue shirts, as they can be paired with any kind of outfit.

Half Sleeves - If you’re one of those men who settle for monotones and basic colors, we think it’s time you move on. Pair a printed  half sleeved t-shirt with beaded bracelets and jeans. Complete your bohemian-inspired look with some open-toed sandals.

Three-Quarter Sleeves - In a dilemma of choosing between full sleeves and half sleeves? Why not three-quarter sleeves that have been in trend since forever? Even the Canadian singer Justin Beiber has been known to style a three-quarter sleeved t-shirt with his trendy, baggy t-shirt. Don’t shy away from layering your three-quarter sleeved t-shirt with a tank or a jacket.

Nail The Fit! 

A well-fitted t-shirt can draw attention to your good physical traits and give you a more appealing silhouette. Always keep in mind that no factor is as important as finding the perfect fit!

Slim Fit – Gone are the days when you wore basic one-size-fits-all, boxy fits. After all, you need a fit that really shows off all of the hours you put in at the gym. Yes, we are talking about slim fit. Think light and warm colors like pink and cream and lots of short sleeves for a fresh addition to your usual collection.


Baggy Style or Oversized Fit – When it comes to baggy t-shirts, there's literally a lot of wiggle room. You can experiment a lot with this type of t-shirt. Go for baggy style fits that are wider at the torso and loose in the sleeves. Don't forget to keep your pants slim to balance the look.

Final Thoughts

Despite the never-ending evolution in the fashion world, t-shirts are still the most iconic piece of clothing item that holds a special place in every man's heart and closet. 

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