Look Wrangler-Ready With These Curated FW’22 Ensembles

Look Wrangler-Ready With These Curated FW’22 Ensembles

This season, the looks from Wrangler’s latest collections entail honoring the past and looking to the future with bright eyes. Wrangler brings to light a new trail to blaze with a men's fashion lookbook based on the traveler. This Men's Clothing Lookbook was curated as an initiative to showcase one of many innovative products. Lightweight jackets, bold logo graphic prints, and stylish all-over prints make this collection distinctive. The fabric technology implemented this season is functional fashion for the stylish globetrotter and city-dweller alike.

This year’s fall-winter collection introduces - Weather Anything denims that have temperature control technology that keeps you warm when you are cold and cold when you are warm. It is moisture-wicking for breathable comfort and dry wearing. The WeCare collection brings innovative laundry techniques for sustainable washing and the unique Indigood water-saving dyeing technique to keep denim production responsible. This season’s fashion lookbook also pays homage to Wrangler’s past by celebrating the 75th anniversary 2.0 capsule collection. Wrangler also aligns itself globally introducing the Pride collection, adding inclusive light on this ever-evolving brand.

Terra Nova

This look illustrates outfits that might be worn by your digital twin or you in real life. Blurring the line between digital creations and reality is a play on the urge to escape from the present to a world with limitless bounds. Humble core colors of white and navy, and the futuristic colors of lime green, cantaloupe pink, and ivy blue add that futuristic feel. QR codes and glow-in-the-dark features on the products manifest the theme of escapism in this look.

Joyful Rediscovery

It's time for a joyous outdoor self-discovery. This curated look keeps in mind the post-pandemic lifestyle of wanderers who recharge by spending time in nature. The collection's focus on celebrating the outdoors in a more casual and laid-back approach is one of its main inspirations. With a wide collection of outerwear and garments tinted with lavender purple and strong green-yellow, this look will make you look and feel refreshed and uphold an attitude to let the good times roll.


New Americana

The goal of this look, New Americana is to honor the Wrangler Heritage while maintaining a modern aesthetic. The ideation point for this look is influenced by old Americana culture with earthy tones and sepia-influenced hues. The aim of this is to revitalize the soul of their legacy in a new subdued earthy color palette with bright cool toned colors. The Retro Denim Sports designs in this look evoke the energy of youth via these vivid hues. Always look classically fashionable with this look.

Street Boarder

This look is inspired by the playful fusion of punk culture with skateboarding, which creates a new perspective on street fashion. This look gives our explorers a shot of adrenaline, getting them street-ready and ready to take the first step into adventure. The color scheme is primarily monochrome with a vibrant yellow accent that enlivens and unites the collection. This collection perfectly complements the current brand campaign "FOR THE RIDE OF LIFE" and gives a youthful, vibrant feel without changing the core values of Wrangler.

On launching this lookbook for men's fashion, Wrangler embarks on a heritage of 75 years, creating the best jeans, jackets, and shirts for cowboys. The looks that are presented have evolved for today’s denim lovers. This proves Wrangler’s commitment to innovation, expert craftsmanship, original style, and representing the Wrangler spirit at the same time remaining rooted and humble.

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