7 Icons of Wrangler

7 Icons of Wrangler

The secret of Wrangler's renowned denims may be as simple as their design mantra - no matter the shape, every pair of their jeans, from the first pair ever created to the current versions, have seven distinctive characteristics. These are what give a pair of Wranglers their distinctive look. 

The seven insignia are still there on every pair of our jeans, as explained by Alessandro Vigano, creative director of Wrangler EMEA, serve a purpose, they perform and additionally, they set Wrangler jeans apart.


Flat Rivets

Denims are more likely to remain intact if rivets are used to fasten them at critical stress spots. However, the technique has always been problematic, damaging automobile seats, motorcycle saddles, and other items. Smooth flat copper rivets from Wrangler "won't scratch," as early advertisements claimed. They give jeans a more classy appearance and make you and whatever you rub up against more comfortable.


Watch Pocket

Wrangler initially hired renowned tailor Ben Lichtenstein to make a selection of shirts, pants, and jackets. The deeper watch pocket with its curved, ergonomic design was one of "Rodeo Ben's" innovations. A belt naturally closes the pocket's high opening at the waistline. Everything you store in there, including keys, cash, and gum, is therefore safely hidden.


Felled Seams

Although folded ridges of fabric are typical of denims, Wrangler makes this design element useful. Your wallet is securely contained inside the yoke by forming a downward-facing lip above high back pockets, which is essential if your free time tends to the extreme. Most Wrangler jeans are distinguished by having fully felled outsteams. They are more comfortable to wear when riding since the seam is flat on your inside leg. The next time you mount your contemporary metal horse - the motorbike, you'll appreciate this.

Belt Loops

In 1947, the 11 MW, the first pair of Wrangler jeans, made their appearance. You will be aware that the waist band slides loose if you have ever worn jeans with five loops. Six somewhat enhances the situation. However, those jeans will be secured to your body by a Wrangler high grade leather belt when you pass it through seven belt loops.


“W” Stitching

The "W" stitch, which was first used in 1947, is cattle branding for jeans. Initials that spell out "Western Wear" are embroidered with two "W's" on each back pocket of Wrangler clothing. Tone-on-tone horizontal stitching reinforces back pockets from the inside by adding a second layer of cloth. Wrangler jeans thus provide overall strength.


The Patch

Since 1947, Wrangler jeans have had a patch on the right rear pocket. "Blue Bell's Wrangler Authentic Western Jeans" was the original text on this. Today, the brand Wrangler stands alone and stands for durable, premium, genuine denims.


Rope Logo

One of the most iconic pieces of denim clothing is the "rope" trademark from Wrangler. The rope served as a call to action since Wrangler jeans are made for the great outdoors, freedom of movement, and resourcefulness in difficult situations. The rope symbolizes Wrangler as a pioneer American outdoor clothing company.

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